Some Xbox Games Are Coming to PS5 and Switch!

Xbox announced some future plans by publishing a video podcast today. The company announced that four unnamed games will come to consoles other than Xbox.

There have been rumors that radical changes will be made to Xbox for a few weeks. These claims claimed that the company would bring its special games to PlayStation and Nintendo. The company shared a podcast today featuring its three major executives.

In the statement made on Xbox’s YouTube channel as a video podcast, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft’s gaming department, Xbox President Sarah Bond and Mat Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, spoke. Three executives confirmed the claims and announced that the games will come to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Four unnamed games are coming to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch!

Phil Spencer said in a statement: Four Xbox exclusive games will come to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch He stated: ““We decided to port four games to other consoles.” However, it was not disclosed what these games were.

Although the names of the games were not announced, some clues were given. Accordingly, from these four games two are community-focused games, the other two are smaller games will be. So, the big game claims such as Starfield and Indiana Jones, which have been circulating for a few weeks, are not true for now. Phil Spencer confirmed that these two games were not included in the four. However, by not closing the door completely, he signaled that they might come in the future.

According to claims by The Verge, based on sources close to the subject, the first two games will be Hi-Fi Rush and Pentiment. The other two games may be Sea of ​​Thieves and Grounded. Let us emphasize once again that these names are claims and Xbox has not officially announced the names of the four games.

Although Microsoft has started to embrace the “Xbox is everywhere” mentality, there is no way to completely give up on exclusive games for now.

The move to port some Xbox games to other consoles comes as part of a grand strategy to expand its titles beyond Xbox. The company has a bit of an “Xbox everywhere” mentality with these changes. So, although not all, we may see other Xbox games added in the future. No definitive statement was made about this.

However There are no plans to give up on custom games completely for now. Let’s underline. This means we will continue to see Xbox exclusive games for a while.

However, Phil Spencer also said that the number of console exclusive games will be much less in the next decade. The Xbox boss wants to see what they can learn from the experience by focusing on four games. So they are doing something like this for testing purposes.


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Finally, a statement was made to reassure those who are worried about Xbox hardware. Xbox executives have signaled a new hardware announcement later this year. Maybe we can see an innovation such as a portable console. We’ll wait and see what Xbox’s new strategy will bring. It is a matter of great curiosity how these moves will affect console sales.

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