Some People See the World with Higher FPS

Some people can “see more images per second” and are therefore more sensitive than others to higher image refresh rates, according to a new scientific study.

Scientists from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, in their studies, found that some people seeing new visuals revealed that they were more sensitive about the issue. frequently mentioned “The human eye cannot see more than 60 FPS anyway” Contrary to urban legend, it has been proven once again that the human eye can have higher FPS.

The survey included participants aged between 18 and 35. 88 people attended. CFF to measure activity in parts of the brain called “visual temporal resolution” that allow people to separate visual signals (Critical Flicker Fusion – Critical flicker fusion threshold) A system called . In this system, participants actually see a flashing light, but because this process occurs so quickly, the light almost never appears to go off.

The 60 FPS legend became history again

While some of the participants stated that the light did not blink at all, others managed to detect more than 35 renewals. Some participants evaluated the FPS of the light. find more than 60 He succeeded. In this case, it revealed that the human eye can see more than 60 FPS, and that some people are indeed more sensitive to higher screen refresh rates and higher FPS.

Another point that stands out in the research is the difference between men and women in this field. negligibly low It happened. According to researchers, one gender is no better than the other in this regard.

Gaming computers, consoles and gaming equipment are currently 120FPSIt can exceed . Screen refresh rates on gaming monitors to 540Hz It has come this far. The demand for these devices also supports researchers at some point.

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