Some iPhones Started to Shut Down on Their Own

Some iPhones have been found to shut down on their own. No one knows the reason for the closure, which mostly occurs at night. The error seen in many models is thought to be caused by iOS 17.

US-based technology giant Apple, facing a new problem looks like. Users who post on many forums, especially Reddit, complain that their phones turn off by themselves. Moreover, this only happens at night. While there is no statement from Apple on the issue, the exact source of the problem is could not understand.

Users’ iPhones their alarms didn’t go off and they detected the problem because they had to enter the password when they woke up in the morning. Thereupon, users who examined the battery usage screens noticed that the battery consumption decreased for a few hours. fell to zeroso they realized the phone was dead.

It seems to be a problem with iOS 17

*A screenshot taken from an iPhone that turned itself off. The phone reduced its battery usage to zero for no reason.

Although the source of the problem is not fully known, iOS 17 It is thought that it may be related to. Because in user reports, we see that there are all kinds of models, from iPhone 15 Pro Max to iPhone 13 mini. of devices common feature If they are using the stable or beta version of iOS 17. However, we must say that not every iPhone is affected by this situation.


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It is worth noting that users are not affected by the problem to the same extent. Some users a few minute, some are reporting a shutdown of several hours. If you are using an iPhone and you suspect that the phone has turned off on its own, by checking battery settings You can determine if there is a problem. Let’s see what kind of statement Apple will make about this…

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