Solana Labs Develops Its Own Cell Phone

A few months from now, the Solana ecosystem Right It will be a cell phone.

This new Android phone called Saga was unveiled today at an event in New York.

Developed by Solana Labs, the phone has a special crypto wallet feature and the phone is designed for Web3 programs. Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) will be compatible with

Solana Mobile Stack, designed for Solana developers to produce new wallets and applications, was also introduced today and is already ready for use.

OSOM undertakes the design and production of the phone, which has a 6.67 inch screen, 12 GB RAM and 512 GB memory.

around a thousand dollars the phone, which will be the selling price, in early 2023 will enter.

It will be integrated into the phone. Solana Share Thanks to the QR code, payment can be made via blockchain.

The phone will also have a store with Web3 apps, a mobile wallet adapter, and a “vault” where wallet private keys can be stored.

This project of Solana Labs, For the web3 world an ambitious step forward. Anatoly Yakovenko, one of the founders of Solana, said in his statements about the project:

“Almost 7 billion people worldwide use smartphones and more than 100 million people have a digital presence. Both numbers will continue to increase. Saga will set a new standard for the Web3 experience on mobile.”

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