Solana Based Smog Token Wind in the Crypto Market!

Smog Token (SMOG), a recently introduced meme coin built on the Solana blockchain, experienced a significant increase in value of over 3 thousand percent following its fair debut on Jupiter. SMOG gained significant popularity last week due to this incredible rise.

The Meme coin market continues to be highly favored, with the emergence of the Solana-based Smog token at the beginning of 2024. Smog Token (SMOG) was introduced on February 7, 2024 at Jupiter and experienced a rapid increase of over 1,400 percent in its first hours. A few days later, the SMOG value increased significantly by 3 thousand percent as investors eagerly invested in the project in anticipation of the activation of the airdrop utility.

After the launch, investors experienced FOMO (fear of missing out) which led them to quickly secure their positions during any price drops to qualify for the airdrop benefit. Demand from those who purchased Smog tokens has increased day by day, and the airdrop in question is expected to be the largest airdrop on the Solana blockchain.

Given the increased excitement and energy, investors are supporting SMOG to move higher as it solidifies its position as a potential token on the Solana network.

Difference of Solana Based Smog Token from Others

Smog promotes itself with the slogan “No meme coin can withstand the intense fire of SMOG” and gives holders access to the exclusive cryptocurrency community of ‘The Dragon’s Court’.

The uniqueness of the platform is that it encourages long-term investment and community participation through airdrops. This makes it attractive amid the growing meme coin trend. Participation involves purchasing and holding Smog tokens, which allow users to accumulate airdrop points.

While exact prizes and campaign details are not yet known, there is a growing sense of excitement among fans and investors alike. Moreover, SMOG holders can benefit from a community reward generated by the campaign, thus increasing the attractiveness of continuing their investment.

Considering the strong market debut, investors are backing the Smog token as a potential successor to popular Solana-based meme coins such as BONK and WIF.

Supply Breakdown of SMOG

The Smog project’s tokenomics highlight the team’s commitment to driving universal success for the airdrop campaign within the Solana ecosystem. Half of the token supply appears to be devoted to marketing, showcasing the developers’ ambitious strategies.

In order to encourage community participation and ensure a fair distribution of SMOG tokens, an additional significant amount of 35 percent of the total is reserved for airdrop incentives. This initiative aims to foster a sense of ownership and loyalty among participants.

It also has an impressive liquidity pool of $1.2 million, making it an ideal venture for whale participation. Ultimately, the team relinquishes ownership of the SMOG token contract, thus preventing them from creating more SMOG tokens or changing the code.

Airdrop Stages Attract Attention

The current main emphasis in the project is on airdrop, which allows users to earn points to get a larger share of the rewards. The road map stands out with three different stages.

1 stage: It primarily highlights key tasks such as researching airdrops, improving staking capabilities, distributing tokens, and enabling social engagement.

Stage 2: Transition to the implementation of Smog’s strategic plans, including the launch of the project that emphasizes its commitment to equitable access for all participants. The launch of the airdrop campaign and the goal of accumulating more than 10 thousand ‘selected loyal’ owners also indicates a concerted effort to achieve significant community expansion and engagement.

Stage 3: A significant growth goal through airdrop launch and future airdrops to continually reward and engage the community.

The project is currently in its second phase. To join this mysterious group, one must be chosen and enter the Smog community through various community initiation rituals.

Instructions for Purchasing SMOG Tokens and Participating in the Airdrop Event

To initiate the purchase of Smog tokens, you must have a Solana-compatible digital wallet such as Phantom or Trust Wallet. These wallets offer suitable alternatives for both mobile applications and browser extensions. They provide both app and browser extension versions for your convenience.

Next, it is necessary to purchase cryptocurrencies such as SOL, USDT or BONK from leading cryptocurrency exchanges and transfer them to the personal wallet. Alternatively, several wallets offer the option to acquire these cryptocurrencies directly through third-party providers. However, it is also important to be mindful of any fees that may be associated with this.

Next, it is necessary to access Smog’s official website and click on the ‘Buy SMOG’ option displayed on the home page. After being redirected to Birdeye, a cryptocurrency data portal, the selected cryptocurrency can be exchanged for Smog using the Jupiter-powered widget.

Once they are all done, it is necessary to store SMOG tokens in the linked wallet and accumulate airdrop points for release soon on Solana.

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