Social media platforms that crashed the most in the past year

Internet and social media users are often faced with the inaccessibility of their favorite platforms. Cyber ​​attacks and server-related problems stand out as the leading problems in this sense. A recent study shows the platforms that crashed the most in the last 12 months.

Famous social media analytics firm ToolTester during the first 30 of the research; Facebook, twitter, Steam, Snapchat, Slack and many famous social media platforms.

The fun application of the social media world: Bigo Live

What is Bigo Live, which continues to strengthen its position in the social media ecosystem with its new generation features?

Discord, the most crashed platform in the social media world

In the research conducted in the United States in the last 12 months, in total, exactly 129 times collapsing Discord takes the lead. In addition, the company, which also conducted a survey with the users of the platforms, stated that the users of Discord 87 percent of He states that he is complaining about connection problems. Again, Discord users 9 percentstated that they had difficulty logging into their accounts.

The turquoise bar in the table above represents the users’ complaints about accessing the site or application, and the purple bars about logging in. In this sense, although Steam ranks second among the most crashed platforms, users YouTube and SpotifyThey seem to have faced serious problems throughout the year in accessing .

Another striking element in the list is the game platforms. In the top 10 of the list, the most used gaming platforms in the world Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live is also included. Accordingly, in the last year; PSN 49, Xbox Live 63 and finally Steam faced access problems 99 times in total.

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