Smart Contract Coin Starts Playing an Active Role in India

Blockchain protocol Algorand (ALGO) has started to play a more active role in India with three new partnerships.

Algorand has partnered with NASSCOM chamber of commerce, which focuses on the technology industry, TiE Bangalore, which supports global initiatives, and Mann Deshi Foundation, which provides banking services to women in rural areas.

Algorand helps young people at NASSCOM’s FutureSkills Prime training center capabilities in the field of Web3 and will develop a blockchain-based system for the credit scores and identities of Mann Deshi Foundation’s women entrepreneurs.

With TiE Bangalore, educational initiatives will be taken to support the growth of the Web3 ecosystem in India.

Staci Warden, CEO of Algorand Foundation. “In just one year, our strategic collaborations with key players (in India) and our innovative blockchain solutions have pioneered financial inclusion with the potential to impact millions of lives in underserved communities.” said.

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