Signs of the Rally! Bitcoin Shows Correlation in This Metric

Bitcoin and tech stocks are forming a strong correlation amid the clean energy surge. In an interesting twist of fate, Bitcoin and technology stocks, particularly the Nasdaq 100 Index, are once again showing a significant correlation. Accordingly, it marks a significant departure from their previous separation. This renewed alignment has implications for both stock investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. On the other hand, this points to a potentially intertwined future for asset classes.

Bitcoin BTC’s resurgent compatibility with tech stocks

The Nasdaq 100 Index, which symbolizes the strength of the technology sector, has witnessed a significant 40% increase in value this year, largely driven by the excitement surrounding artificial intelligence innovations. Notably, the 30-day correlation coefficient between Bitcoin and Nasdaq 100 increased to approximately 0.4. This resurgence in correlation contrasts sharply with the negative 0.1 correlation observed in June and July. On the other hand, it points to a newly discovered synergy.

Simultaneously, Bitcoin BTC’s environmental narrative is also undergoing a transformation. Recent reports from Bloomberg’s crypto analyst Jamie Coutts are noteworthy. This shows that Bitcoin’s use of clean energy in mining operations has exceeded the critical 50% threshold. These findings are based on insights from the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance, which recently revised its estimates of Bitcoin’s energy consumption to account for sustainable energy sources such as off-grid electricity and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Compatibility with Elon Musk’s vision

It is particularly worth noting that since China implemented its mining ban in mid-2021, Bitcoin-related emissions have fallen by 37.5%. This significant reduction in environmental impact helps alleviate concerns about cryptocurrency’s carbon footprint. This shift towards cleaner energy makes sense.

Let us recall Elon Musk’s statement regarding the mining operations of the cryptocurrency in June 2021. He said Tesla will continue to accept Bitcoin payments as it adopts a more environmentally friendly approach. Tesla’s previous $1.5 billion investment in Bitcoin was accompanied by Musk’s sustainability requirement. It also reflected the company’s commitment to green energy practices.

Bitcoin and clean energy

What will happen if Bitcoin continues to exceed the 50% clean energy threshold? As emissions gradually decrease, the cryptocurrency industry is shifting towards sustainability. Accordingly, this situation has the potential to significantly affect global energy dynamics.


This evolution is indicative of the ever-changing landscape of digital currencies. It also underlines its increasing integration into the broader financial ecosystem. When we look at it as, Bitcoin’s trajectory intersects with technology stocks. On the other hand, it invites a closer examination of the dynamic relationship between traditional and digital assets.

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