Sign of Life 6 Years After Bitcoin Whale: Moved 57.1 Million Dollars! What will he do?

A Bitcoin (BTC) whale transferred his $57.1 million assets to another wallet after almost 6 years of inactivity.

On-chain security platform PeckShield 19 September published on his official social media account on in postalmost idle for 6 years He stated that a Bitcoin whale in the situation transferred his assets to another wallet.

According to the information given, the whale was killed in October 2017. 2,100 BTC had bought it. The assets purchased by the whale in the relevant period for $11.8 million It corresponded. The existence of the whale in the intervening period from 380% gaining more value for $57.1 million reached.

While no information is given as to why the transfer in question was made. within security measures It has been suggested that it might have been done.

Recently, it has been seen that many cryptocurrency whales that have been inactive for a long time have woken up from their deep sleep. of this situation Preparing for an upcoming bull market It was claimed that it might have a purpose. Glassnode data shows that long-term Bitcoin investors 69.2% in snow revealed that it was.

According to CoinGecko data 24 hours in 1.4% Bitcoin gaining value, as of writing $27,131 traded at .

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