Shocking Words From Ripple Manager: “We Should Have Launched More XRP”

Ripple chief technology officer (CTO) and XRP Ledgerone of the architects of David Schwartzshared their new thoughts on XRP supply.

Supply Statement from the Technical Officer of XRP

Blockchain figure thoughts, cryptocurrency inflation and recent Flare Network’s token FLR’It came out after a discussion over the airdrop of .

Discussing the issue, Schwartz expressed his regret that Ripple did not distribute more tokens while the XRP price was low.

According to him, the launch of a large number of tokens could make things much more difficult, as the XRP price is already at the level of $ 0.4.

“But as I said before, I wish we had distributed more XRP while XRP was still almost worthless. The higher the value, the harder it is to do them.”

A major issue for US buyers is that this will be taxed on regular income, forcing them to sell about 50% of the tokens when they receive it.

Schwartz stated that this is one of the reasons why all tokens are released when the price is at its lowest.

The Ripple company has been the focus of serious reactions so far, with the launch of millions of dollars in XRP at the beginning of each month. Despite this, the fact that the managers still insist on oversupply has drawn a great deal of reaction from the investors.

According to the XRP Ledger Services portal, Ripple currently holds 43.4 billion XRP in its accounts.

Ripple executive David Schwartz is known for his highly critical approach to the Flare Network (FLR) token, which was recently airdropped on the XRP network.

Schwartz has also recently criticized the FLR airdrop system, arguing that instead of multiple airdrops, there should be one large airdrop.

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