Shocking move from Xiaomi: The name MIUI is becoming history! Here is the new operating system that will replace MIUI 15

Xiaomi, shown as one of the biggest names in the smartphone world, is closely followed in our country with the middle and upper segment models it produces. While the company is preparing to distribute the Andriod 14 operating system with its own interface, it may make an interesting surprise.

MiOS operating system is coming instead of MIUI name

The Android world is waiting for the Android 14 operating system. So much so that Xiaomi created its plans for the devices to be distributed. However, Digital Chat Station, famous for its leaks, shared a very interesting post. Accordingly, the imminent MIUI 15 will never arrive.

The source stated that the MIUI 15 interface will never arrive. In the news, MIUI 14’s MIUI series latest major release It is stated that it will happen. Xiaomi now offers its interfaces MiOS will name it as. The content states that MIUI 15 will not be named as a replacement, but will be its own system.

Xiaomi 13T Pro PUBG Mobile test!

Xiaomi 13T Pro PUBG Mobile test!

As it is known, the last company to develop its own operating system was Huawei. The company introduced HarmonyOS in recent years in order to minimize its foreign dependency due to US sanctions. In fact, Xiaomi makes full use of Google applications and services. This decision of the company seems to have been made entirely in line with its own plans.


On the other hand, another claim is that it will continue as two separate operating systems. It is said that Xiaomi will keep the operating system limited to China. The fact that the manufacturer previously kept some of its smartphones exclusive to China and did not bring them to Europe strengthens this possibility. So, if such a situation occurs, Xiaomi users in Europe will continue to use the Android-based MIUI interface.

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