SDN Join button is open! What do we offer?

At ShiftDelete.Net, we continue to look for new ways to interact with our followers. In addition to the live broadcasts, events and reader meetings we have already organized, we are now on our YouTube channel. ‘Join’ By activating the button, we came before you with special surprises for our followers and supporters. What does the SDN Join button offer?

SDN YouTube Join button is now active!

ShiftDelete.Net has activated the ‘Join’ button of its YouTube channel. Increasing dollar exchange rate and taxes in our country make it more difficult for people to access new technologies day by day. Especially people whose financial situation is weaker than other people cannot access many technological needs.

Together with our followers, we continue to work to prevent this situation. By activating YouTube’s ‘Join’ button, we, together with our followers, give a new laptop every month to a student whose financial situation can meet all his needs.

What will ShiftDelete.Net offer to Join subscribers?

First of all, it should be noted that as ShiftDelete.Net, we do not use the Join button for profit. All the money that will come from here will be used to buy laptops for students who do not have a situation. On the contrary, we will need to add money from our pocket every month to buy a good product that will be used for many years. Our subscription range consists of three packages.

SDN Join button

ShiftDelete.Net Join subscription packages

Megabyte / 7.50 TL: Megabyte, which is the cheapest and accessible among the three packages, will provide various advantages to Join subscribers. Members for 7.50 TL per month; It will have access to special loyalty badges, various emojis, and live streams like SDN Answers, 5 Tea, which are closed to standard subscribers.

Gigabyte / 60 TL: Another package we offer for Join subscribers is Gigabyte. In addition to the advantages of Megabyte for 60 TL, our members will have the chance to watch some SDN videos before they are released and access the training videos that we will upload privately. In addition, special videos for members such as behind-the-scenes footage and team vLogs will also be included in this package.

Terabyte / 350 TL: Undoubtedly the most diverse of the 3 packages, Terabyte will encompass everything Gigabyte and Megabyte have to offer. In addition, you will have a much closer and stronger relationship with ShiftDelete.Net. While an SDN trophy is sent to every Terabyte subscriber, our editors will respond to almost anything they write in the comments.

In addition to all these, you will be invited to SDN office tours that will be organized at regular intervals. Here you can chat with ShiftDelete.Net employees, tour our office and shooting areas and be a part of SDN. In addition, your name will be included in the ‘Supporters’ section of the videos about the laptops we will give away every month.

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