Scientists confirm black holes rotate

One of the strangest discoveries of the universe brought with it another discovery. Researchers analyzed 22 years of observations of the M87 galaxy. They discovered that the first black hole ever imaged was rotating. This discovery of scientists will shed light on the mysterious region of space time. Moreover, with this discovery, he announced to the whole world that Einstein was right.

Scientists proved that black holes rotate!

Black holes swallow large amounts of gas and dust. They also pull the objects they swallow towards themselves with their great gravitational forces. A small portion of the particles that do not fall here are scattered outside. In this way, narrow beams appear along the axis, moving at a speed close to the speed of light. These rays are called “jets”. Observations of the telescopes show that M87’s jet oscillates by 10 degrees in a repeating 11-year cycle. Just as Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity predicted many years ago.

The research was conducted by Chinese researcher Dr. It was conducted by an international scientific team headed by Cui Yuzhu. Researchers analyzed 22 years of observational data collected by more than 20 telescopes around the world. They noticed that the black hole at the center of the M87 galaxy, which is 6.5 billion times more massive than the Sun, exhibits an oscillating jet that oscillates up and down every 11 years. In this way, scientists proved that black holes really rotate.

The world of science succeeded after 20 years: The largest known black hole was discovered!

The world of science succeeded after 20 years: The largest known black hole was discovered!

The scientific world has finally identified the black hole it has been pursuing for 20 years. Here are the details about the bombshell news of the scientific world…

A disk-like layer forms around this structure. This disk consists of materials slowly spiraling towards the void. According to the researchers’ analysis, the spin axis of the black hole is not aligned with the spin axis of the accretion disk. This misalignment between the rotating mass and the matter orbiting it causes a significant effect on space-time. This affects the motion of nearby objects in what the General Theory of Relativity calls “frame drag.”

This discovery, which emerged years later, once again demonstrated that Einstein was right. Now it’s time to find out how fast the black hole is. However, scientists have not yet been able to calculate the size of M87’s accretion disk. There are many mysteries yet to be unraveled. This requires more observation and analysis.

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