Samsung’s old feature is in Apple Vision Pro!

Apple held the highly anticipated WWDC Conference yesterday. The brand, which shares its new software and technologies, detonated the bomb by saying one last thing at the end of the event. Apple Vision Pro, the glasses that combines reality and virtual world, was introduced. At that moment when everyone was fascinated, one thing did not go unnoticed. Apple brought up an old Samsung feature years later. Here are the features and details…

After the Galaxy Note 7, S8 and S9, it was Apple’s turn!

Apple combined the real world with a virtual world with the new Vision Pro that it introduced yesterday. To put it simply, we can say that the computer glasses that we all watch, especially in science fiction movies, became a reality thanks to Apple. Of course, since this virtual glasses is a personalized product, some security measures must be taken.

With Vision Pro, Apple has brought a feature similar to the Face ID feature used on their phones in terms of the privacy of your data in the device. Accordingly, the device will scan the iris for you to open and use the product. So your eyes will be the device’s lock screen password. But actually this feature is not new. It was released 8 years ago.

Another big hike from Apple to all products!  The most expensive iPhone is based on 70 thousand TL!

Another big hike from Apple to all products! The most expensive iPhone is based on 70 thousand TL!

Apple, after the WWDC event it held today, made a hike in almost all products in Turkey. Here are the details…

Released by Fujitsu, the feature first came to the fore in 2015. In the following days, iris scanning came to phones with Microsoft Lumia 950. Later, Samsung took over this event and used it in many flagship phones.

The iris scanning feature started to become widespread with Samsung. At that time, fingerprint locks were integrated into new phones, while the iris scanning feature was revolutionary. The only problem with the feature that works integrated with many Samsung applications was that it was slow because it was new. This is why the feature received a lot of heavy criticism. Users stopped using the feature due to the inability to find a solution to this problem. Samsung used this feature on its flagship models S8 and S9, but scrapped iris scanning with the S10 in 2019.

galaxy s10 update

Although the iris scanner was seen as an unsuccessful attempt in the intervening period, today Apple introduced its own iris scanner. Apple could bring this feature to iPhones at that time. However, the brand may not want to promote the product before it reaches the desired quality. Looking at the 8-year period, we can say that iris scanners have the potential to work fully. We’ll see that with Vision Pro.

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