Samsung closed the gaps, but hackers infiltrated again!

One of the scenarios that smartphone manufacturers probably do not want to experience is security vulnerabilities. Because these endless gaps harm both brand value and consumers. Unfortunately Samsung has been struggling with these issues for almost 2 years. The brand realized that the security vulnerabilities that it thought it had closed were used by someone again. Here are the details…

Major security vulnerabilities threatening Samsung devices!

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has examined software flaws in several Samsung mobile devices. As a result of the CISA investigation, it warned the brand that some minor vulnerabilities in the devices were being abused by a spyware vendor. There is a point that needs attention here. Spyware vendor phrase. Although CISA did not give clear information about this part, it reported that the business was commercialized thanks to the vulnerabilities and it filled someone’s pockets.

The agency recently published by themselves Known and Exploited Vulnerabilities added 8 more vulnerabilities, 6 of which belong to Samsung devices, to its catalog. In other words, millions of Samsung users are in danger of both their data and the privacy of their personal lives.

With brand new colors, the iPhone 15 will set the trends again!

With brand new colors, the iPhone 15 will set the trends again!

iPhone 15 family comes with brand new colors! With the iPhone 15 series, Apple seeks to update its color libraries and create new trends.

Most of the 6 security vulnerabilities in the catalog belonging to the Samsung brand were closed by Samsung in 2021. However, that was not exactly the case. We can say that someone left the doors ajar by putting their feet in the door before the security holes were closed.

Already noticed on Google!

Looking at the statement from Google, they noticed this situation in 2021. In fact, the evidence revealed that Google noticed this situation in October 2022. It seems that both Google and CISA are on the trail of the same hackers. There has been no statement yet from Samsung on the subject.

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