Russia hit a Ukrainian jet with a kamikaze drone!

Tension between Russia and Ukraine continues. Images of air strikes by both sides continue to come, along with images of hot conflict. One of the latest images in this context was Russia’s attack on a Ukrainian fighter jet using kamikaze drones. Here are the details and images of the event…

Russia is attacking parked fighter jets using kamikaze drones!

The place where the incident took place is a parking area within Kryvyi Rih airport. A MiG-29 fighter jet belonging to the Ukrainian Air Force was waiting in parked position inside the airport. However, this wait did not last long and it was spotted by a Russian kamikaze drone. Later, the parked MiG-29 fighter jet was shot down.

Footage during the incident was recorded by a Russian drone and shared with the Russian press on social media. There were no deaths or injuries in the incident, but as you can imagine, the Ukrainian MiG-29 became unusable. Since the aircraft is Russian production, it will be very difficult to replace it with the same aircraft.

He flew exactly 120 km on his own: The missing F-35 was found!

The missing F-35, which made us comment, “It would actually be a good plane if it didn’t get lost from time to time,” was finally found. Here are the details…

As for the kamikaze drones used by Russia, these kamikaze drones called ZALA Lancet are Russian production. Produced in a total of 3 different variations, Lancets are among the aircraft used by Russia in fast, rapid and continuous attacks. In simpler words, you send more than one to the target you want to destroy, and the drones destroy the target with the chaos they create there and return.

Of course, it comes back and remains a little more theoretical here because kamikaze drones are destroyed along with the target they destroy. Kind of like a suicide bomber. However, since the production costs of kamikaze drones are much less than a warplane, countries such as Russia especially love using these products.

Video of the incident is going viral on social media. Ukraine is expected to respond with a similar move. By following ShiftDelete.Net, you can be informed about the latest developments in defense industry technologies from our country and the world.

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