Risk of Scams Threatening the Shiba Inu Community: Avoid These!

Shiba Inu marketing officer Lucie warned SHIB owners against scammers and emphasized that they should be careful. Lucie warned the community about fake giveaway campaigns, explaining that her developer team did not have an airdrop campaign going on. In particular, fake giveaway campaigns from bad actors to defraud unsuspecting SHIB investors have recently increased.

Urging token holders to check whether any gift links were sent by the team using official channels, Lucie stated that users should be careful to avoid such scams. Additionally, to access up-to-date information SHEboshiRedirected to ‘s official account.

Shiba Inu Isn’t Holding Any Airdrops!

The Shiba Inu team tries to thwart scammers by constantly issuing warnings to protect the community. The official account of Shibarmy Scam Alerts is used specifically for this purpose. As Koinfinans.com reported, scammers made more fake posts following the launch of SHEboshi. It was emphasized that users should avoid clicking on phishing links and connecting their wallets to fake platforms.

Lucie and her Shiba Inu team continually strive to ensure the safety of the community. They use various communication channels to warn and raise awareness of users against scams. To ensure the security of users, verification through official channels is the most important step. Finally, sources should be checked several times before connecting their wallets.

As a result, the Shiba Inu community continues to be wary of scams and ensure their safety. While Lucie and her team constantly strive to ensure the safety of the community, users are also emphasized to pay attention to these warnings.

Source : The Crypto Basic

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