Ripple (XRP) Whales Mobilized in South Korean Stock Exchanges! 30 Million XRP Withdrawn from Upbit! Are preparations being made?

Whale Alert, a crypto transaction monitoring platform, has detected a significant movement in the XRP market. As reported by CoinMarketCap, South Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange From Upbit Approximately $19 million worth 30 million XRP token withdrawn.

Rise in XRP Prices Triggered 30 Million XRP Transfer

The withdrawal was directed to an undisclosed address labeled “r3ow,” known for its history of processing large XRP transactions. Currently, only 978,122 XRP tokens remain at this address, indicating a rapid distribution to various destinations.

Such significant withdrawals from exchanges often indicate strategic asset management and potentially reflect bullish sentiment among investors. Conversely, movements towards the stock markets can typically indicate a selling trend.

Although a significant rise in XRP price has been witnessed in recent days with gains exceeding 10%, the token’s current trajectory indicates a minor pullback.

Withdrawals have not changed the situation significantly, but remain stable, especially considering XRP’s recent performance amid market volatility.

The increase in trading volume, combined with the withdrawal from Upbit, underscores a growing interest and activity surrounding XRP amid broader market volatility.

*This is not investment advice.

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