Reassuring Statement From This Altcoin Team Before The 25M Token Opening: We Will Not Sell!

The team of NFT marketplace X2Y2 has reassured its investors that they will not be selling native tokens that will be unlocked anytime soon.

The X2Y2 team made remarkable statements about the token unlocking that will take place in the near future. made via social media in sharing, 37.5 million units of X2Y2 Stating that these assets will be unlocked, the team 25 million of them belong to the team And Treasure token of 12.5 million stated that.

Continuing its explanation with expressions that delight investors, the team stated that they have not sold any unlocked tokens so far and that they will be unlocked in the foreseeable future. they won’t sell tokens either declared.

That’s been our stance since we first unlocked it. Our faith in the future of X2Y2 is unwavering and we are committed to growing together with our long-term owners. We are proud to announce that no tokens will be sold.

X2Y2 price with the team’s announcement of this news $0.182 dollars from the level 25% with a rising performance $0.23 reached. CoinGecko According to data, at the time of writing, X2Y2, after a minor correction from $0.201 is being traded. X2Y2, 42 million dollarsAmong the most valuable cryptocurrencies with market capitalization 480th place is located.

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