Reasons for Fractions in Prison and Fines

After a person is determined to be guilty, he or she is sentenced to a punishment determined according to the Turkish Penal Code. This may vary depending on the crime and the way it was committed. However, most of the administrative or judicial fines are fractional.

Likewise, we can see interesting numbers in prison sentences. For example; like thousands of years of imprisonment where human life is not enough. So why not give a life sentence? thousands of years of punishments is given? Or why pay a fractional amount when you get a traffic ticket?

First of all, it is necessary to know that there are two types of fines. Administrative fines; smoking indoors, breaking a traffic rule punishment in such cases. Judicial fines are determined by the court. prison sentence is converted into a fine under appropriate conditions.

In fact, the vast majority of judicial fines do not contain fractions.

Let’s say a person is sentenced to 100 days in prison. When the court converts this sentence to a judicial fine, it must determine an allowance for 100 days. However, instead of determining a collective amount for this, an amount of 20 TL per day is determined. In this case, the amount to be paid for 100 days should be 2 thousand TL. Right after this point fractions starts to come into play.

Because litigation costs are added on top of the 2,000 TL to be paid. All expenses incurred from the state treasury during the trial are included in this penalty. The costs of the proceedings may be shared between the defendant and the plaintiff according to the court decision, or it may be decided to be paid by a single party. If it is divided by two, it is possible to encounter fractional numbers in the final amount determined. Because during the trial costs such as files, court, lawyers expenditures can be made in many areas such as When this is the case, fractional numbers emerge.

If you commit a crime in traffic, it is subject to an administrative fine. Yes, these fines are usually more or less.

Why are traffic fines

Penalties given by the police, ministries, municipalities, district governorship, governorship and district governorships are administrative fines. These penalties are at the beginning of each year A certain amount of increase is applied. This is the main reason for the fractions in penalties.

Let’s explain with a small example; Let’s say that the penalty for running a red light this year is 120 TL. Let’s assume that there is a 36% increase in this penalty as we enter the year 2023. This means an increase of 43.20 TL. In other words, the penalty for running a red light will be 163.20 TL in 2023. That is, each year Penalties increasing according to the raise ratealso brings the continuation of fractions.

When it comes to prison sentences, the situation is a little different.

prison sentences

You know that Adnan Oktar was sentenced to 8658 years in prison. Of course, it is not possible for any human being to live that long. For this reason, many people wondered the reason for this punishment. Giving a person 8,000 years in prison and a life sentence may seem like the same thing. However, it is not.

Prison sentences are determined individually for all crimes committed by criminals. When any person hurt 4 people it’s, 4 times the same punishment It means. When you intentionally kill 5 people with a monstrous feeling 5 times aggravated life sentence gets. In other words, all the crimes he commits are added to his sentence depending on how many times he committed that crime. When all crimes are collected, we can see fines of fractions or thousands of years from time to time.


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