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Rakion passion begins again! Rakion, which action-RPG lovers cannot forget, has been re-released by Lemon8games under the production of Neosonyx. Rakion invites all players to a challenging adventure with its special server for Turkey.

Rakion, an action-RPG genre, first met with players in our country in 2006. Rakion, which took a break from broadcasting for a while in 2019, restarted broadcasting in our country in its original form, completely in Turkish. The return of the game was announced to Turkish players with the pre-registration period that started on April 6. The news, which was welcomed with excitement by old Rakion enthusiasts, also aroused curiosity among new players.

Rakion, which attracts players with its fantastic universe and story, takes place in the continent of Emer, known as the Land of the Gods. Although the White Dragon, the protector of the continent, does his best to maintain peace, people’s greed brings chaos.

This story, full of heroes who want to direct the fate of humanity and villains who have sworn revenge, gives birth to the legend of Rakion. You can watch the two-part video series explaining the legend in detail on Rakion’s official YouTube channel.

The adventure has now begun! Rakion’s official Türkiye server was opened on May 9 with amazing events offering valuable prizes. The opening, which thousands of players were eagerly awaiting, was welcomed with enthusiasm by Turkish players.

Dozens of events that will increase the excitement and pleasure of Rakion and provide rewards as you play are waiting for Turkish players. You can find detailed information about these very special opening events, which will take place between May 9 and June 4, on Rakion Turkey’s official forum page.

The surprises awaiting Turkish players are not limited to this. Additionally, the Super Player Ticket, which offers unique advantages special to the opening, is also on sale. This special ticket, which will take the Rakion adventure one step further, will be on sale for a limited time between May 9 and June 5, exclusively for the opening of the game. You can find all the details about the Super Player Ticket in the Shop.

Rakion, who has become a legend among passionate Turkish RPG players, invites his old and new warriors to Emer to be a part of the fight. In order not to miss the many advantages and fun events special for the opening, download Rakion now and take your place in this adventure!

To download Rakion, visit the official website.

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