Prices of new iCloud+ plans have been announced!

The last week has been very active for Apple products. It introduced the iPhone 15 series at the “Wonderlust” event held on September 12. Along with the event, iOS 17 was launched today evening. Now the fees for iCloud+ subscriptions have been updated.

The highest iCloud+ plan fee was 1799.99 TL

In recent years, the size of digital content has increased considerably. Storage methods such as hard disk are no longer considered sufficient. iCloud+, one of the most popular cloud storage platforms, is available to its users with its new options. Subscription plans now include 5GB, 50GB, 200GB, 2TB, 6TB and 12TB options.

In fact, the packages were announced with an increase at the event on September 12. However, the status of the 6 TB and 12 TB packages that Apple announced at the event was unclear. Apple determined the price of new packages of its cloud system today. However, the highest 12TB iCloud+ plan price is now 1799.99 TL. Here are the iCloud+ plan fees;

iCloud storage Price
5GB Free
50GB 12.99 TL
200GB 39.99 TL
2TB 129.99 TL
6TB (New) 899.99 TL
12TB (New) 1799.99 TL

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