Precedent OnlyFans case in Turkey! Is Merve Taşkın going to jail?

Today, the OnlyFans case, which can serve as a precedent, has been on the agenda of Turkey. Social media phenomenon named Merve Taşkın, in her post on social media platforms, said that she was prosecuted for using OnlyFans with the charge of obscenity under Article 226/2 of the TCK and is facing a prison sentence.

Merve Taşkın is facing jail time because of OnlyFans!

The social media phenomenon named Merve Taşkın has recently come to the fore with her adult-oriented posts on the OnlyFans platform. Today, he said that he was sued for obscenity because of the photos he shared.

Visit to the old museum that caused Merve Taşkın to be sentenced

He said that he was sentenced to 5 months in prison for the photos he shared on his Instagram account during his visit to Amsterdam in the past period, and that the sentence given for not committing a crime for 5 years will be lifted, but if he is found guilty in the OnlyFans case, he will go to jail.

Statement from OnlyFans CEO!  Is adult content going away?

Statement from OnlyFans CEO! Is adult content going away?

OnlyFans CEO upset the fans of the platform with his statement on adult content today. Here are the details…

After this sharing, a Twitter user said that at the end of last August, Merve Taşkın made a complaint to CIMER about the use and shares of OnlyFans.

The complaint and the accusation of obscenity include the following:

  • OnlyFans users provide tax-free unfair advantage,
  • Promoting obscenity and prostitution
  • Beautifying the society due to high income, legitimizing and encouraging it,

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