Power lines destroyed: one dead in a storm in the Freising district Regional

Ingolstadt – According to the district office, one person died in a severe storm in the Freising district.

There is also one seriously injured person and one person is missing, said district spokeswoman Eva Zimmerhof on Monday evening. The police had previously reported several injuries in Moosburg, Upper Bavaria, and the surrounding area.

︎ From the district office it was said that the Moosburg area was without electricity across the board, numerous lines had been destroyed. Train traffic between Freising and Landshut via Moosburg/Isar was suspended up to and including Tuesday.

In the areas of Moosburg/Isar, Oberhummel, Niederhummel, Wang, Mauer, Gammelsdorf and Kirchamper there is no longer any power supply. The district advised: “As a precaution, also inform your neighbors and provide help if necessary. If necessary, the fire brigade can be alerted via the siren triggering – at the equipment house/town hall. … Reduce your power consumption via rechargeable batteries and batteries to the bare minimum.”

The police had been called to numerous operations with injured people, said a spokesman for the police headquarters in Ingolstadt. Further details are not yet available. “Au, Attenkirchen, Nandlstadt, Appersdorf was also hit hard,” said District Fire Councilor Manfred Danner, who is the local operations manager in the Freising district.

A dozen fallen trees were reported in Lower Bavaria by the early evening, said a spokesman for the Lower Bavaria police headquarters in Straubing. In addition, a skylight was destroyed by hail. In the area of ​​​​the police headquarters in Oberbayern-Süd, no storm damage was reported until the early evening.

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