Post from Wagner – Dear outgoing Chancellor, – Politics

Your CDU is like a well without water. Water level in 2013: 41.5 percent. Water level in 2017: 32.9 percent. Today the water level is dying of thirst: 20 percent.

Your party lies slackly crying in front of the fountain. You will be blamed after the election. Everything will be blamed on you.

You were too left, you split the party, you were in favor of marriage for everyone, you didn’t give the conservatives a home, you strengthened the AfD, you didn’t dance at fairgrounds.

They were more of a brain than a heart. Quantum physicist.

They weren’t fireworks. When you talked, boredom crept in.

CDU or SPD. The Chancellor, who is just leaving, no longer belongs to any party.

She’s going to be a pensioner.

Historians will explore what they did wrong or right.


Yours Franz Josef Wagner

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