Popular US Cryptocurrency Exchange Plans to Launch Stock Trading!

Popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken plans to offer trading services for traditional stocks listed in the US.

According to a report by Bloomberg on September 27, Kraken is moving its 12 years of trading experience to another field. 2024 in the year to users US based stocks And exchange traded funds (ETFs) for buying and selling opportunity is preparing to present.

To an anonymous source In the news based on “Kraken Securities” A section called will be created and the services in question will be first stage USA And in england It was stated that the service will be provided. Kraken already has a license to operate such an operation in the UK. According to the news kraken Moreover Across the USA In order to provide share buying and selling services License from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in your application found.

Kraken this service Obtaining its license and starting its activities US-based trading platform that already offers the same services in the case of to Robinhood will be rivals.

Response came from Kraken

A Kraken spokesperson declined to comment on the allegations, but said product range development efforts He did not hesitate to say that:

While we cannot comment on rumors or speculation, we would like to expand and improve our services so that our customers continue to access Kraken’s full range of products safely and seamlessly.

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