Popular Science Magazine Ends Its Publishing Life

Popular Science, one of the world’s popular science magazines, had been publishing only digitally for several years. Now the digital version of the magazine has ended.

Popular Science, in 1872 When it started to be published, it attracted attention with its content on science, technology and nature. The magazine attracted attention in a short time and became one of the most prestigious publications in its field. The magazine has seen world wars, epidemics, crises and the cold war since then. 151 years old He ended his journey.

In recent years, the magazine, briefly called PopSci, has experiencing difficulties It was known. First, the publication cycle of the journal was changed in 2018. Normally once a month PopSci, started to appear every 3 months starting from that year. In 2021, the magazine completely digital he returned.

The digital version of Popular Science has also been terminated

PopSci editor shared a post on LinkedIn regarding the issue. Purbita Field, “Disappointed, outraged and dismayed that the magazine’s owners, in a five-minute Zoom call, shut down a pioneering publication that has been adapting to change for 151 years.”PopSci, which ended its magazine format, also announced this month five editors and laid off several employees. Recently, many websites and magazines have resorted to firing their science editors.

He is also the owner of the popular Science magazine. Recurrent Ventures‘s Communications Director Cathy Herbert, said PopSci needs to evolve beyond the digital magazine. From now on, Populer Science will only publish articles on its own website. It is also stated that video content will be produced for PopSci.

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