Popular NFT Project’s Twitter Hacked: Hundreds of Thousands Stolen!

The official Twitter account of the popular NFT collection Azuki was hacked and more than $750,000 in assets were stolen within half an hour due to the shared malicious link.

Official Twitter account of the Azuki NFT collection Friday, January 27 was captured by the attackers. Account hijackers, Azuki’s native metaverse project The Garden‘in “they can buy land” coveted users’ wallets by sharing a fake link.

According to the data shared by the on-chain security firm Wallet Guard, the attackers could use this malicious link within half an hour. 751 thousand dollars USDC managed to collect into a single account. The data is also available to hackers as a result of these attacks. 11 NFT and about 4 Ethereum (ETH) declaring that he had $758,000 of the total amount stolen is stated.

Noticing the attack, Azuki developers warned the community about the issue with the posts they shared from their individual accounts and said nothing shared. to second party connection He stressed not to click.

After the Azuki team contacted Twitter officials, the malicious post was deleted. After the team recovered the account, in the statement made the following statements:

Our investigation into the Twitter breach continues. We take security seriously and the Twitter account is secured using a 2FA Authentication app.

OpenSea According to the data, the cheapest piece belonging to the Azuki collection was at the time of writing the news. 17.7 Etherfrom about from 23 thousand dollars selling.

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