Polkadot’s Second Auction Winner Announced

Moonbeam (GLMR) is the second winner of Polkadot’s auctions for parachains.

Moonbeam (GLMR) was the second winner in the projects competing with each other in the auctions held to take part in the Polkadot parachains. Approximately 36 million DOT Moonbeam, who is the winner of the auction by collecting 1.4 billion dollars DOT’s worth.

18 November – 25 November in the second place at the auction held between 8.5 million DOT collector Parallel Finance, and in third place, which collected approximately 8 million DOTs. Liner exists.

Project Moonbeam, funded by the Moonbeam Foundation, is focused on the compatibility of other blockchains with Ethereum on the Polkadot network.

In the auctions held to determine the projects that will take place in the parachain slots on Polkadot, the projects are trying to get this right with community funding. At the end of the period determined for the auction of the projects Just because they got the highest funding doesn’t make them win the auction. Next to the date range given for the auction “candle auction” a method is used. With this method, the auctions allow the 1st project to win in a randomly determined time. For this reason, projects are designed to increase their chances of winning. trying to advance as the 1st throughout the process.

Investors who fund projects by crowdfunding DOT help them win the auctions, while also benefiting from the prizes offered. For example, Moonbeam, the winner of the second auction, is locked for the auction. 4+ GLMRs for each DOT He claims to give it as a gift.

Third parachain auction 25 November – 2 December will take place between

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