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The Covid-19 pandemic has deeply affected our lives. So much so that even the way we live and work has changed. In addition, the events that are held regularly every year have also been temporarily terminated. But now we are in the process of normalization. In this direction, he said that the long-awaited game fairs have opened their doors to physical meetings again. However, dozens of big companies such as PlayStation announced that they will not participate in both E3 and Gamescom events.

Sony announced: PlayStation is not participating in the Gamescom event!

Gamescom organizers said that more than 250 companies will participate in the event that they will hold face-to-face this year. However, the producer of many highly anticipated games and products states that they will not take part since the first announcement day.

Following the statement made by Sony today, PlayStation has also made its name among those who will not attend the Gamescom event, along with companies such as Activision Blizzard, Take-Two Interactive and Nintendo.

The E3 game fair is opening its doors again: Here is its history!

The E3 game fair is opening its doors again: Here is its history!

The E3 gaming expo is no longer among the things the pandemic has taken from us. It has been confirmed by ESA that it will be a physical meeting!

Therefore, those who expect to see PS VR2 or God of War: Ragnarök during this event will unfortunately have to hold back for a while. But Gamescom, which will be held from August 24-28, will be both online and face-to-face. For this reason, we can see that some companies that say they will not participate make their own broadcasts on the internet.

E3 will not be held either in person or online this year. So we can say that they passed this year. But in 2023, just like Gamescom, it will make a comeback by appealing to both parties. Making a statement on the subject, ESA president and CEO Stan Pierre-Louis said:

We are excited to be back in 2023 with both a digital and in-person event. Although we love these digital events and the idea of ​​reaching more people in this way, we are aware of the intense interest in meeting physically. It’s really great to be able to connect in person, see someone, and live the experience..

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