Pets Can Be Tracked Moment by Moment with iPhones

Apple has announced a new system for iOS 17 developers that will allow pets to be tracked remotely with iPhones.

Starting to take the steps of a brand new era with Vision Pro on the night of June 6, Apple also iOS 17 and other operating systems also introduced. However, the WWDC event is not limited to these presentations.

The company is also for developers. new programming interfaces (APIs) showed. One of these APIs managed to stand out more than the other APIs. Because Apple has released an API where users can use the iPhone as a security camera for their pets and track their animals and their movements moment by moment.

iPhones can now follow any subject you want:

Animal Body Pose APIThe new API named ” uses the company’s newly developed system called “DockKit”. This infrastructure basically allows you to follow the movements of a selected subject with the iPhone camera.

Moreover, the system can be used with motorized stands that are produced and can be produced compatible with iPhones and can connect with the phone. This allows the stand to move and the iPhone camera to move without the subject leaving the iPhone’s line of sight. always able to follow the subject.

In other words, when the tracked subject moves to the right or left, the stand where the iPhone is placed also turns to the right or left, as well as adjusting the tilt up and down.

dock kit

DockKit is also detecting hand movements It can also perform tasks assigned specifically to these movements.

At this stage, no information has been given about the usage scenarios of the applications that can be developed with this system, which contain privacy violations.

Subject to follow will be pets only for now:

At work Animal Body Pose API This is where it comes into play. Developers will be able to develop applications that enable pet tracking with the API and publish these applications for iPhone users.

For now, such an application has not been released yet. Apple developers can access detailed information about the API and system by clicking this link.

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