People in Germany Started Protesting Rent Increases

While many citizens in our country are suffering from the increase in housing rents in Istanbul, it turned out that this situation is not unique to Turkey. As a matter of fact, citizens in Germany took to the streets to protest the increase in rents, especially in big cities.

As it is known, serious increases are observed in housing rents in our country, especially in big cities; As a matter of fact, the annual rent increase rate in Istanbul was recorded as 50.7 percent. But we are not the only country suffering from this condition; In the city of Berlin, Germany, the people are protesting due to the increase in rents. spilled into the streets.

Berlin alliance against displacement and rent spree“by”Housing for all. Let’s all oppose being expelled from our neighborhoods with high rents.Thousands of people gathered in Alexander Square to participate in the demonstration organized with the slogan “. accused of failing to fight rent increases.

‘Rents are rising, salaries are staying in place’

Demonstrators later on “Stop rent increases”, “Housing for all”, “Houses for people, not profits”, “Houses instead of shopping malls”, “Rents are rising, salaries stay in place. Enough” and “This city is oursCarrying banners and placards saying “, over Unter den Linden and 17 June streets He walked up to the Victory Monument.

Ayleen Munro, who lives in the city of Lübeck, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that she participated in the demonstration to draw attention to the high rents.We demand that the rent increase be stopped and that the rents be frozen for a certain period of time. because iPeople can’t pay the rent anymore.” said.

‘We are trying to resist the sale of houses’

Germany rent protest

Annika Ebert, who resides in the Hasenheide district in Berlin, also said that the buildings they live as tenants are wanted to be sold.we We are fighting for the right to pre-sale. However, we are partially successful in this regard. We have established a good network and try to resist selling the houses first.” he explained.

Organizers of the show 20 thousand people attended While the Berlin police stated that this number was around 4 thousand.


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