Patent from Apple to Turn Apple Watch into a Lifesaver

A new patent for Apple Watch reveals that this smart watch will turn into a lifesaver. It is currently unknown whether Apple will deliver this patent to the end user.

US-based technology giant Apple made a remarkable announcement about its smart watches. received a patent. If this patent comes to Apple Watches one day, these devices against drowning It could become an important weapon. So how exactly will Apple’s new patent work?

Apple Watch’s SOS feature is already available possible accidents can detect. The new patent takes this one step further. According to the patent, the user will write on the watch whether he knows how to swim or not. The watch’s sensors will also work according to this input. Let’s say swimming someone who doesn’t know, landed in a deep spot of the pool or sea. In such a case, Apple Watch will come into play.

Even lifeguards can be informed

According to the patent, Apple Watch can notify surrounding devices in case of an unusual situation. will start giving warnings. According to Apple, this alert can even be sent to lifeguards’ Apple Watch. Thus, the SOS function will save the amateur swimmer’s life. Apple, the entire process will happen automatically says.


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However, it should not be forgotten that every patented technology may not reach the end user. The new patent for Apple Watch may reach users one day. Or Apple doesn’t really see this as necessary and the feature may end up on the dusty shelves of history. Just take a while to figure it all out we will have to wait.

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