Parabolic Rally Prediction from Analysis Team: Bitcoin Aya!

The rise that started at the beginning of 2023 gradually gave way to the consolidation phase. bitcoin The rally that started with BTC started to cool again. However, according to some estimates, the probability of a parabolic rally is quite high.

TradingShot has reviewed current activity, noting that Bitcoin has recently started a new “geometric cycle.” This cycle is likely to push the price up to $150,000.

Is Bitcoin Price Ready for a Parabolic Rally?

On the one-week chart, the logarithmic MACD has bounced off the support that formed the 2015 and 2018 cycle bottoms, according to TradingShot. This, in turn, helped him recover more aggressively as a result. Indeed, this is treated as the start of a bull cycle.

Shown by geometric shapes from the bottom up and accompanied by indicators including the Ichimoku Cloud and Fibonacci moving averages (MA), this formation appears for possible Bitcoin movements from Tuesday, January 31.

Bitcoin price prediction

Firstly, if the timeframe of about 1,430 days is maintained, we can predict that the next cycle base may be around October 2026. The next and final bullish confirmation of the new cycle according to this pattern is when the price (red) enters the Ichimoku Cloud.”

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According to the estimate, “when this happened in June 2012, October 2015 and May 2019, the bull cycle never looked back.” But the team also drew attention to the COVID-19 crash. Also, a break above multiple of three of the Fib MAs will most likely initiate the parabolic rally, as in all previous bull cycles (but most likely this will be after halving 4).”

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Considering past loops, this geometric setup “quite easily” inserts it into the current projected loop. Experts added that “we should see the peak of the next cycle around August 2025”.

This forecast is also very similar to that of Bloomberg’s senior commodity analyst Mike McGlone.

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