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NASA continues to break new ground. Now it’s time to return home for the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. Just a few days later he comes back home. Of course, he is not empty-handed. NASA also brings rock samples collected from the asteroid. This discovery will shed light on the history of the universe. Additionally, NASA will share the details of this latest mission with its curious followers.

NASA will share the landing of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft that brought samples from Bennu Astreoti!

The space agency collected samples from Bennu Asteroid in 2020. Now it’s time to go home. NASA will broadcast live the return home of the capsule carrying these very important samples. Adjust your calendars. You can join a unique experience with NASA on Sunday, September 24th.

The spacecraft, named OSIRIS-REx, will release the capsule when it reaches within 63,000 miles of the Earth’s surface. All preparations are complete for the capsule to land safely on Earth. If all goes well, the capsule will land in the Utah Desert and be recovered from there. According to NASA, the asteroid material it contains will shed light on the work of scientists for generations. It will give clues about when the sun and planets formed, approximately 4.5 billion years ago. It may even shed light on how life on Earth began.

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Asteroid Bennu is about 200 million miles from Earth. That sounds pretty far away. Wanting to reach its goal and shed light on the mysterious past of the universe, OSIRIS-REx traveled through space at a speed of 63,000 mph. He also shared the moments when the NASA spacecraft landed on Bennu. When the spacecraft reached its mission location, Bennu Asteroid, it gave space fans unforgettable breathtaking moments. The very clear images attracted the attention of the whole world.

The mission of the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is not limited to the Bennu Asteroid alone. Yes, you heard right. After releasing the capsule, the spacecraft has new missions waiting for them. It will then be rerouted in 2029 to study Apophis Asteroid during the rock’s passage to Earth.

So how can we follow this discovery that sheds light on the mystery of the universe? The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is currently hurtling towards Earth with a capsule containing samples collected from Asteroid Bennu. The spacecraft will release the capsule when it approaches our planet. In its final moments, the capsule will deploy a parachute. It will fall towards the landing zone in the Utah desert. Shortly after reaching Earth, a rescue team will pick him up and move him to a temporary clean room.

NASA’s live broadcast tracking developments will begin broadcasting on Sunday, September 24 at 10:00. You can follow all developments on NASA’s live broadcast channels.

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