OceanGate Company’s Social Media Accounts Closed

The social media accounts and website of the OceanGate company, which hosted the Titan submarine accident, were closed.

Almost a month has passed since the Titan submarine disaster on June 18. In the accident that killed 5 people, the Titan submarine, on which OceanGate company toured the Titanic, had collapsed into. After the incident, many chilling details emerged.

These details include the company’s negligence, the callous statements of the CEO who died in the accident in question, and the submarine’s inattentiveness. being controlled with a joystick situations such as As of today, we have learned that the company’s social media accounts and website have been closed.

“OceanGate Expeditions has suspended all exploration and commercial activities” notice appears on the OceanGate website

When you enter the official website of the tour company, we see “OceanGate Expeditions suspends all exploration and commercial activities” warning pops up. Similarly, when you try to access the official social media accounts of the company, we see that these accounts are suspended.

The company had official accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts completely disappearedThe company is no longer around. Instagram account strangely still active looks. However, there are no posts in the account and it is hidden.

For now, it is not known why such an action was taken and the social media accounts and website of OceanGate were closed.


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