NVIDIA RTX 5090 comes with 32GB memory

NVIDIAnew RTX 50 series increased its targets for graphics cards. In this context, it was stated that the company will include a different design from previous generations in its new models, especially the RTX 5090. It was also claimed that the NVIDIA RTX 5090 memory capacity will be up to 32GB.

According to the latest leaks from reliable sources NVIDIA, RTX 5090 It will transition to a multi-card architecture. In this context, it was claimed that the GPU and memory would be divided into three separate circuit boards. While the main board houses the GPU chip and memory modules; A separate I/O card will control the inputs and outputs. The third, smaller card will accommodate the PCIe slot.

Thanks to this split layout, it will be possible to make major changes on the graphics card. First, the RTX 5090’s 512-bit bus up to 32GB VRAM It is thought that it can provide Additionally, its multi-card design suggests it could switch to a dual-slot solution instead of a three-slot cooler.

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This dual-slot cooler will make the RTX 5090 smaller and thinner. Naturally, it will also be suitable for smaller computer cases.

Allegedly, with RTX 50 models DLSS 4 technology We will be officially reunited. In addition, a very high bandwidth will be achieved thanks to the new generation GDDR7 memories.

On the other hand, NVIDIA’s increase in graphics cards It is said that he will. The products, which are said to appeal to high-end customers, are expected to be approximately 10 percent more expensive than the previous generation. It should be reminded that RTX 4090 is sold for $ 1600.

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