NRW suspends compensation for unvaccinated people in quarantine – incidence drops to 82.8

France’s judiciary has because of possible Misconduct in dealing with the corona crisis a Investigations against the ex-minister of health Agnès Buzyn initiated. There is a suspicion of “endangering the lives of others,” reported the AFP news agency on Friday evening, citing the public prosecutor’s office at the Court of Justice of the Republic. Buzyn, Minister of Health under President Emmanuel Macron from May 2017 to February 2020, was heard by judges of the court on Friday.

The initiation of proceedings means that the investigators see “serious or consistent evidence” of misconduct. The process can ultimately lead to criminal proceedings if investigators see sufficient evidence against the suspect. Otherwise, you can stop the proceedings again.

The background is preliminary investigations that began in July 2020. According to media reports, they are based on several lawsuits, for example by three doctors. The allegations concern, among other things, the lack of masks and other protective equipment at the beginning of the pandemic.

In the course of the extensive investigation, Buzyn is the first public figure against whom formal proceedings have now been initiated. The current Minister of Health Olivier Véran is also being investigated.