NRW suspends compensation for unvaccinated people in quarantine – Crete and Corsica will no longer be high-risk areas from Sunday

Before planned voluntary vaccination offers in Saxony’s schools, school principals and teachers are faced with threats. That was reported selectively from several regions of Saxony, said the spokesman for the State Office for Schools and Education, Roman Schulz, on Friday. Such letters are sometimes even sent to their private addresses. “That is absolutely unacceptable.” The “Free Press” had previously reported that opponents of vaccination had threatened school principals with criminal charges for bodily harm and had announced rallies in front of schools.

“It is very regrettable and frightening at the same time that people who have voluntarily decided to take up a vaccination offer are harassed for it,” said the spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Dirk Reelfs. Since the beginning of school, the willingness to vaccinate was initially queried anonymously. The feedback from the schools was not yet complete, so that the total number of pupils willing to vaccinate could not be given, explained Reelfs. However, he reiterated that the vaccinations will start in the coming week.

The offer is aimed at girls and boys from the age of twelve. You will be released from class for the vaccination. The deployment of mobile vaccination teams from the German Red Cross at selected support schools is planned, especially in rural regions. If around 80 people want to be vaccinated at a school, vaccinations are also possible at the respective school if the mobile vaccination team has sufficient capacity.