Nissan Had the Front Grille of the 2024 Qashqai Made by Artificial Intelligence

An interesting statement came from Nissan’s senior executives. Officials announced that they received help from artificial intelligence when designing the front grille of the 2024 model Qashqai, which was introduced last month.

In a news we shared with you about a month ago, the 2024 model Nissan QashqaiSince the introduction of we mentioned. The car, where remarkable make-up work was carried out, it looked quite stylish.

Now, there has been a remarkable development regarding this car. Matthew Weaver, one of Nissan’s senior managers, while designing the facelifted Qashqai They get support from artificial intelligence explained.

Front grille design is more complex than you think

According to the statement made by Matthew Weaver, not only the appearance of the front grille design of the new Nissan Qashqai has been overhauled. Designers took help from artificial intelligence to create this look. Artificial intelligence provides stylish appearance improving aerodynamic structure and cooling systems Created a design for. The result was as above.

Moreover, Nissan uses artificial intelligence not only for aerodynamics and cooling systems. A manager named Friederike Kienitz uses artificial intelligence to from production errors He said that they kept it away and improved the production process. However, the company has nothing to say about how this will affect the future of staff currently working in the factories. didn’t say. Let’s see if artificial intelligence can one day replace individuals working in the automotive industry.

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