Nissan announced that it can make domestic production in Turkey!

Nissan introduced the new electrically powered versions of the Qashqai, one of the world’s most popular SUV models, at an event it held in Turkey recently. The company’s Turkey CEO Charbel Abi Ghanem and European Marketing and Sales Vice President Jordi Vila also shared their positive goals for the future. So much so that Nissan can start the domestic production process in Turkey.

Nissan announced that it can make domestic production in Turkey!

There has been an organic bond between Nissan and Renault for a while. As a result, we see cars developed together. This is sometimes seen in the interior and exterior design, and sometimes in the engine and other parts.

There is also Mitsubishi, which is not well known for staying behind the scenes in the Renault-Nissan partnership. Of course, it will be a little more prominent in the coming years. Because Mitsubishi Colt will also be produced at the Oyak-Renault factory in Bursa.

Zero car sales stopped!

Zero car sales stopped!

After the announcement of the SCT assessment by the Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati, the sale of new cars hit the bottom.

Therefore, Nissan also welcomes the idea of ​​making domestic production in Turkey. Although such a step is not among the company’s 2022 plans, Jordi Vila, European Vice President of Marketing and Sales, said:

“We do not have a direct investment plan in Turkey. However, in the future, Nissan can take a step like Mitsubishi.”

Nissan Turkey CEO Charbel Abi Ghanem also said:

“This is my first time in Turkey. Frankly, I have never seen such a volatile market. We cannot predict what the SCT will be or how the currency fluctuates. That’s why we don’t try to predict. We strive to respond to the situation quickly and agile. In this way, we keep things that cannot be managed under control.”

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