New Statement from Intercity About Istanbul Park

Intercity made a statement about Istanbul Park, which was announced to be evacuated within this month. In the statement, he claimed that Can Holding, which won the tender, still did not make an agreement with Formula 1.

It has been at the center of debate for some time Istanbul Park There was a new development regarding the tender. In the statement made by Intercity, it is still under contract with Formula 1. not signed announced. This statement of Intercity is based on the statement made by the new operator:Evacuate the facility.He came upon his call.

Participating in the tender held last month Can Holdingwas the company that won the tender. However, this issue hosted interesting developments in the next stage. First, it was claimed that Can Holding withdrew from the tender. Then these allegations denied. In fact, one of the Can Holding partners who made a statement on the subject Pirelli Türkiye Chairman of the Board Lale CanderHe said that Intercity should evacuate the runway within this month. However, even though May 24 came evacuation did not occur.

Intercity’s latest statement is as follows:

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