New Generation Smart Glasses from Ray-Ban with Meta

Meta once again announced its new generation smart glasses developed in partnership with Ray-Ban. Smart glasses, which now have 2 models, are equipped with advanced features.

In 2021, Meta, which we call Facebook, collaborated with the world-famous eyewear company Ray-Ban and “Ray-Ban Facebook Storiesannounced a smart glasses called “. These glasses, which have been on sale for several years, are now available with a brand new version. Now “Wayfarer” And “headlinerThe glasses, which have two different versions called “, seem to be able to attract at least as much attention as the first generation. Well, they were developed with the collaboration of Meta and Ray-Ban. smart glassesWhat does it offer to the consumer?

Meta and Ray-Ban’s new generation smart glasses offer all the features they previously offered, in more advanced states they have. There are also some new features. And two different designs create a new experience for consumers. alternative enabled its formation.

Introducing Wayfarer

The model named Wayfarer has a design with angular lines. The version called Headliner is a little more oval. There is no difference between the two models other than appearance. However, when these glasses are released, it seems that it will be very difficult to find anything like them. Because within the scope of the collaboration, for smart glasses More than 150 color options created. Thus, every consumer will be able to find a model that suits their style.

The headliner looks like this

smart glasses

Meta and Ray-Ban’s new generation smart glasses have appeared with serious technical improvements. In this context; These glasses now offer better sound quality. speakers and microphones is available. Things have come to such a point that Meta, in his smart glasses, 5 microphones used.

smart glasses

New generation smart glasses 12MP resolution There are ultra wide angle cameras that offer Users will be able to shoot videos on new generation glasses as in the past. Glasses using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon AR1 Gen1 platform, IPX4 It has also been certified as water resistant. The team also made improvements to the eyeglass lens and increased the interaction in live broadcasts on Facebook and Instagram. The user wearing the smart glasses can listen to the comments received during the live broadcast. preview will be able to see. Meanwhile; Let’s say that Meta’s new generation smart glasses are lighter than before.

meta smart glasses

Meta’s new generation smart glasses will come with a special box. Users can use the glasses via this box. charge they will. According to Meta’s statement, the usage time of the glasses is when the box is fully charged. up to 36 hours will be.

Ray-Ban smart glasses

Meta, your new glasses 17 October announced that it can be purchased as of. The user who wants to have one of these glasses $299 will need to agree to pay.

You can watch the review video we prepared for Meta’s first generation smart glasses below:

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