New Feature for Those Who Don’t Like to Listen to Voice Messages from WhatsApp

It has been revealed that WhatsApp has developed a brand new feature for the iOS ecosystem. This feature can convert audio recordings that users send to each other into text. It is currently unknown when the feature, which uses a private API from Apple, will become available.

The world’s most popular instant messaging app WhatsAppTurns out he’s working on a new feature. This feature, which is currently only in the iOS ecosystem and is still under development, allows users to send messages to each other. sound recordings allows it to be converted into text.

Known for pre-discovering features coming to WhatsApp WABetaInfo The feature, revealed by Apple, uses a private API that Apple has made available in the iOS ecosystem. This is for converting sounds into text. APIseems to offer a very impressive experience for users. Because when the feature that WhatsApp is working on becomes available, a voice recording sent in unsuitable environments will have been read.

This is what the feature WhatsApp is working on looks like

Feature revealed by WABetaInfo, apple It will be exclusive to iOS only, as it is based on an API made available by However, WhatsApp developers will carry out a similar work for the Android ecosystem and that the feature in question will be released after a while. Coming to Android is being considered.


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WhatsApp is about the feature it developed for the iOS ecosystem did not speak. However, the feature will be delivered to Test Flight users as part of the beta version in a short time, and then to all iPhone owners expected to be presented. If there is a new development regarding the new feature that WhatsApp is working on, we will continue to inform you.

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