New Concept Car from Audi: Activesphere

Audi introduced the new concept vehicle Activesphere, which sheds light on the future. The vehicle is built on the PPE platform, which will be used by the Audi and Porsche duo in the near future.

German automobile giant Audi has managed to attract attention many times so far with its futuristic design concept cars. The company, this time more appealing to off-road and adventure enthusiasts. your new concept showed.

Audi Activesphere The new concept, called, actually looks like an E-Tron model with huge wheels when viewed from the front. But looking at the car from other angles, there is no trace of Audi.

Introducing the Audi Activesphere:

Audi Activesphere, as can be seen from its appearance, those who like to live actively developed for The vehicle opens at the back and turns into a safe, allowing the transportation of all kinds of equipment necessary for the action.

audi activesphere

audi activesphere

The interior of the vehicle now contains details that we are used to seeing in concepts. But next to the rectangular steering wheel and no physical buttons systems powered by augmented reality technology is also included. Vehicle controls are made with the support of this technology.

audi activesphere

As for the technical features of the vehicle; Audi to Activesphere 100 kWh battery and has managed to add engines that produce 325 kW of power. The vehicle, of course, is four-wheel drive.

audi activesphere

audi activesphere

There are quite ambitious data on battery performance. The vehicle is built on the PPE platform that Audi and Porsche plan to use in their future vehicles. This shows that the vehicle can be charged in 10 minutes to offer a range of 300 kilometers. Up to 80% battery capacity with a 25-minute charge being reached.


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