Netflix to Release 26 More Games by the End of the Year

Netflix, which was thrown into the game world last year but progressed very sluggishly, announced that it will release 26 games by the end of the year. On the other hand, it was also announced how much Netflix games were played.

Netflix, which officially entered the game world in November 2021, is currently with only 24 games servicing. However, according to new information shared by the company official, the company plans to increase its presence in the game world by the end of this year. Of course, the way to make this possible is to increase the number of games.

According to the information CNBC obtained from the Netflix official, the company It aims to increase the number of games in its catalog to 50 by the end of this year. While it is not yet known which new games will be, it was stated that there will be a chess game named ‘Queen’s Gambit Chess’, which will be named after the Queen’s Gambit series, which has managed to become viral for a while.

There is a game, but is it played?

Although Netflix continues to plan its development on the game side, the current table shows that the games within Netflix are not played much. These games, which are exclusive to Netflix subscribers, are the number of 221 million subscribers of Netfl’x, according to Apptopia data. It is played by only 1.7 million, that is, less than 1%.

On the other hand, previous statements by Netflix offer an explanation about this issue. Speaking in June, Leanne Loombe, head of Netflix’s gaming division, is currently in business. knowingly left them stagnantshared that they are still conducting tests on what members would like to play and that they continue to learn about this area. Netflix co-CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings also shared the following statement:

“We have to please our members by having the best in the category. We have to be differentially great at this. There’s no point in just being in it.”

Although Netflix’s point of view on the gaming part is ‘to offer the best or not’ at the moment, it is not yet known what the effect of the loss of subscribers will be on the gaming side. The company this year 200 thousand in the first quarterin the second quarter lost almost 1 million subscribers had explained.


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