Netflix Signs New Deal With David Fincher

Netflix has signed with the famous director David Fincher for the new documentary series Voir after Mindhunter and Mank. The new series, which is uncertain when it will be released on Netflix, will premiere on November 13 at Los Angeles AFI Fest.

The giant digital media platform Netflix continues to come to the fore with the deals it has made. Netflix announced its new deal with the famous director David Fincher on its Twitter account.

Legendary director David Fincher, known for his films such as Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac, The Killer, has made a new debut with Netflix. an agreement signed. Designed as a mini-documentary series “voir” It will be available to watch on Netflix soon.

“I’ve never been as happy on any platform as on Netflix”

The famous director David Fincher, who met his audience with his latest Oscar-winning film Mank, is with his new documentary Voir. Netflix returns to their screen. Expressing that he is not as happy on any platform as he is on Netflix, Fincher’s new documentary series Voir seems to be appreciated by movie lovers. Published for the first time in 2017 mindhunter Netflix, which made quite a splash with the movie, followed by the Oscar-winning mank He also made an agreement with the director for the movie. attention of viewers have taken into account It will be that the platform has made a new deal with the famous director.


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The documentary is written by Drew McWeeny and produced by David Prior, the director of The Empty Man. According to David Prior’s statement, the new series will be a 10-30 minute documentary series about his passion for cinema. Voir’s release date on Netflix is ​​yet to be determined, but it will premiere on November 13 at AFI Fest in Los Angeles. premiere will happen.

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