Netflix documentary Tinder Hunter broke the viewership record!

Netflix A documentary that does not contain fiction is not becoming very popular. A production emerged that disrupted this situation on the platform. Tinder Hunter (The Tindler Swindler) For two weeks, the documentary was at the top of the charts.

NetflixProving itself as one of the best documentaries of Tinder Hunterright now in 94 countries It ranks as the number one movie. At this point United States of America and United KingdomIt topped the charts in .

Netflix is ​​adapting the popular game into a movie!

Netflix announced today on its Twitter account that they have started working on the movie of the popular BioShock game.

Netflix documentary Tinder Hunter made a big difference to movies

Feature-length screening right now 64.7 million hours got to watch. At this point, the second biggest movie of the week Tall Girl 2 Only 27.44 million hours lagged behind. like this NetflixWe can understand from here how much the popular documentary of . When we look at the difference, we see that the documentary is ahead more than half.

Don’t F**k with Catsfrom the creators of Tinder Hunterexamines the extraordinary situation of a supposed billionaire playboy who extorted millions from innocent women via Tinder. Documentary, Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang’Based on months of research. It chronicles the courageous response of three innocent brands that come together to give the reputable thief a taste of his own medicine.


Tinder Hunterseveral that the broadcaster might consider a movie rather than a TV show. Netflix documentary got in between. Currently, the company does not offer any performance metrics for documentaries. Still, the popularity of this latest documentary will make you think again.

Documentary, Netflix It came as the latest in a long series of fact-based films commissioned by the company that exposed the dangers of the internet. E.g Social Dilemma judicial 2020 made In the film, he shed light on the dangerous data collection methods used by the world’s largest technology companies.

Although the subject is bleakNetflix He seems to be making good income from documentaries. The biggest example of this is Tinder Hunter it happened.

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