Netflix and Ankara Bilim University VFX Trainings

Netflix and Ankara Bilim University will launch the 14-week “Entering the World of Visual Effects (VFX) with Netflix” program in cooperation with Anima Okul.

Ankara Bilim University with Netflix, February 28 – June 5 The aim is to contribute to the creative sector with the training, which will last 14 weeks between . Anima Okul, one of the educational institutions with animation and visual effects experience, will also take part in this project. Thus, it is aimed to train experts in the field.

The education quota is announced as 15 students, Ankara Science University Students guided by the academic staff will participate. The basic modules of the training will include modules such as “Modelling”, “Texture”, “Render-Lighting” and “VFX compositing”. Students who complete the modules will be able to enter the sector.

15 students will participate

Rector of Ankara Bilim University Prof. Dr. Yavuz Demirin his statement “We are happy to hold the private sector-university meeting with a leading digital broadcaster like Netflix with a high-level program. Ankara Bilim University, as a story-based higher education institution, offers the richness and creativity of professional achievements with an arttechno approach in all existing disciplines. the fundamental dynamic of new growth and new mind sees it as. Seeing something as something other than what it is is the driving force of this modelling, going beyond the boundaries of the world of assumptions, being able to create the language of new compositions and codings created together by accessories and touches within the enormity of conceptions and imaginations, showing that Ankara Bilim University speaks the same language as the world, that the universe is new. Anonymous approaches to systems are a sign of his contribution to the effort. Netflix and Ankara Bilim UniversityWith this project, we not only provide an application that can be understood with professional means, but also an application that will set an example in its field. mental and theoretical expansions is pioneering.” he said.

Netflix Türkiye, Middle East and North Africa Public Relations Director Pelin Mavili whereas “As Netflix, we attach great importance to discovering our young people who will carry the creative industry into the future and providing them with the skills they need. Education is one of the valuable institutions of our world. Ankara Science University We have full faith that the ‘Introduction to the World of Visual Effects (VFX) with Netflix’ program, which we have implemented with the support of Anima Okul, will raise students who will leave their mark on the industry in the future.” he said.

Netflix, with its collaborations with different institutions in Turkey producing, screenwritingIt also carries out activities such as series development workshops.


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