Nearly 500 Thousand Years Old Wooden Structure Discovered

An approximately 500 thousand year old wooden structure was discovered in the Southern African country of Zambia. The discovery may provide new information about the roots of human history.

Human history is full of great mysteries and archaeological studiesThey are of critical importance in ensuring that these mysteries are revealed one by one. In this context; Excavations carried out in Zambia, located in the south of Africa, reveal approximately 500 thousand years ago He unearthed wooden tools. Scientists state that this discovery will enable a better understanding of human history.

It is believed that the first people adopted a nomadic lifestyle, lived in caves and engaged in hunting. However, the discovery made in Zambia showed that this situation can change it reveals. As a result of technical examinations, the wooden structure, which was stated to have been built 476 thousand years ago, was used by people during the Stone Age period. shelters caused it to be considered.

Here is that wooden structure with a history of almost half a million years.

Prof. from Liverpool University, who had the opportunity to examine the findings in Zambia within the scope of the project called Deep Roots of Humanity. Larry Barham said the following about the wooden structure:

They made something new and big out of wood. Using their intelligence, imagination and skills they’ve never seen beforethey created something that had never existed before.

Another professor named Geoff Duller said the following about the wooden structure:

One stands on top of the other, and both pieces of wood have there are notches. These notches appear to have been cut with stone tools. In this way, two logs intertwine and construction objects it becomes.


*The area where the ruins were found.

The examinations showed that the shorter of the two parts that make up the wooden structure is 1.5 meters It turned out that it was around approx. Experts think that an important structure was built from such a long wooden material for the conditions of that day. According to estimates, people living half a million years ago built shelters by rivers or for fishing They may have built the wooden structure in question.

The discovery in Zambia involves an important issue. In their studies to date, scientists have found that the oldest bone remains for “Homo sapiens”, which we call modern humans, are 315 thousand years old They state that it is. So, according to the data we have, modern humans cannot have built this wooden structure. Researchers will split into two paths from now on, precisely because of this. The studies to be carried out will either reveal that the history of modern humans dates back much further, or prove that more primitive human species such as “Homo erectus” or “Homo naledi” are not actually that primitive. The answer to this question will be found in the region with bone remains will come to light.

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